Student Moves

If you are locating to a new college or university in the UK to further your education, then our Student Moves Service is ideal for transporting your belongings to your new residence.

Student moves and relocationThere may be instances where you have too many items for taking on a train, will not fit into a car or your family may be unavailable on the day you want them.

Where applicable, you may wish to share with your student friends to reduce the cost even more.

You are welcome to accompany the driver with your possessions, (there are normally two seats available) thereby saving you travelling expenses.


Overseas Students may be interested in using our secure storage facilities. We can store your belongings whilst you are away and deliver them back to your new College or University when you return to the UK. Providing you arrange and allow us access to your locker, we can deliver your goods direct to your new accommodation without you being present at our storage facility. Simply advise us in advance of when you are returning to the UK along with your new address and we will do the rest.


Students from within the UK may simply move from one accommodation to another and we can arrange to have your goods moved locally. Storage facilities are available if required between moves. Large savings can be made by using our Man and Van Service if you are willing to assist our driver both into and out of the van with your goods.

In all cases, it is important that you ensure your goods are adequately packed to ensure their safety and to prevent damage to your goods.

Students discounts are available provided you have advised us of this at time of enquiry and will be included in your quotation.