Packing Tips

This advice is for customers wishing to partial or full responsibility for packing and preparing the house contents for removal by 2 Anywhere Light Removals. You can never start packing too early.

Last minute rushed packing can easily lead to mishaps.

We can supply you with all the packing material and boxes you need at very competitive prices.


  • Pack all boxes to their tops and fill spaces with void filling material such as shredded paper. Larger spaces could be filled with pillows or cushions. This will prevent movement of contents and give the packing box rigidity when stacked. Unfilled boxes can be crushed and overfilled boxes can tear and fall apart or be dropped.
  • Don’t overload your packing boxes with too many heavy items. You can always fill spaces with lighter objects. Packed boxes should not on average weigh more than 15 kgs. Generally, the heavier the object, the smaller the box.
  • Always use tape to fasten the bottom and top of the boxes.
  • Label each box as you go with the room name or contents. If contents are delicate and need to remain upright clearly mark fragile and right side up.
  • Sequence your packing so that the least used possessions are packed first.

Specific Packing Tips and Preparation for House Removal


Strip them bare and take them apart. Mattress Dust covers are recommended and available from us.


Collectively books are heavy so use small strong boxes and don’t overload. Pack them flat and alternate the bindings for even stacking.


Wrap plates and dishes individually and pack vertically in a strong carton. After wrapping with tissue paper nest bowls and cups inside each other. Fill gaps with tea towels or filling material.
Crystal, China objects, bric a brac – Pack these up individually in packing tissue or bubble wrap.


Loose clothing and bedding can go into bin liners. However we recommend wardrobe cartons to hang your garments to keep them all clean and crumple free.
Drawers can be packed with lightweight cloths and non fragile items.

Electronic and Hi Fi Equipment

The best solution is to repack these in their original packaging if you still have them.

Freezers & Refrigerators

Defrost and air in good time before moving day. Secure all drawers and loose parts. Pad any vulnerable coils.
Tape or strap the doors shut with cardboard spacer to hold slightly open for air circulation.

Furniture – Self Assembly

These are generally not designed to be moved around assembled. You need to dismantle them before day of moving. Also any furniture too big to negotiate doorways will also need disassembling.

Mirrors and framed pictures

For protection large mirrors, paintings and other artwork should be wrapped in bubble wrap.

Washing Machine/ Tumble Dryers

Replace the securing bolts in the drums that came with the machines. Alternatively you can prevent excessive movement by filling with towels old linen and blankets.


Pad out the sides and bottom of the box. Then place screwed up tissue paper inside each bowl or glass and wrap each separately. Generously cushion each glass object from its neighbour. Do not cram in the container.


Items in these areas cannot be transported by removal companies due to health and safety. They include Solvents, Poisons, and flammable substances. Tools should be clean and sharp edges wrapped and taped together if loose. Protect your items from oil and grease.
Finally keep aside a box you will transport that will have all the essential things you might need. Eg Kettle, cups, Food, medications.

Other things to consider

  • Start running down your freezer contents
  • Check your home insurance – make sure you have cover from the day you move in
  • Notify your bank and savings/share accounts
  • Ask Royal Mail to reroute your post
  • Notify change to any H.P and Credit firms
  • Clear loft and any other storage areas ready for removal
  • Plan where things are going to go in your new home
  • Clean out Freezer, ensure defrosted and dry for day of removal
  • Send new address cards to family and friends
  • Dispose or sell any items you don’t want.
  • Book mains services for disconnections and meter readings (Gas, Electric & Water)
  • Notify doctor, Dentist, Vet, Optician etc
  • Notify Telephone company, Cable/Sky
  • Notify T V Licence, DVLA & Passport offices
  • Cancel Milk & Papers
  • Find & Label Keys
  • Take down curtains & Blinds
  • Pack box of essentials
  • Organise any parking requirements at your old and new property